Using the Double Diamond for product strategy and development

Joining strategy together with the execution of the right solution challenges most teams today. It’s difficult for many reasons. Defining a strategy is not a static exercise. Predicting the future is difficult, full of uncertainty, and new information is always being discovered. Complicating things further, teams often divide responsibility for strategy and execution. This makes …

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Pragmatic Product Strategy – Presented at XConf 2014

This talk explores new ways of framing the work we do in order to create effective software products. A super-pragmatic model of thinking and doing that promises to bring together technologists, designers and business folks alike, across the entire software delivery lifecycle.Watch the video at

An alternative to features and showcases. Introducing Hills and Playbacks

Recently, I attended an Adaptive Path conference called Managing Experience.It was brilliant, and here’s a writeup if you want to know more about that. I was lucky to spend a bunch of time with Todd Wilkins in a workshop about IBM’s Design Thinking Framework. There’s lots to like, but in particular, two out of three principles resonated strongly. …

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Managing Experience 2014 by Adaptive Path

Managing Experience is a 2 day conference hosted by Adaptive Path.Here’s the emergent themes from the last four years of the conference:2011: Business2012: Strategy2013: Change2014: Leadership & The Organization The big draw-card for me this year was Todd Wilkens, Design Principal at IBM. He delivered a talk ‘Scaling Design Beyond Designers’ with a corresponding 1/2 day workshop on …

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Thoughts on behavioural economics, emotional design and customer engagement

This week, I’ve been discussing with friends and colleagues what ‘customer engagement’ could or should mean. There’s a cadence to the change in vernacular of design. ‘Customer engagement’, we think, is ripe for a meaningful redefinition. My colleague puts it like this In many ways Customer Engagement has become old hat.  Omnichannel has become trite … and …

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