Phillip Calcado on pitfalls of velocity for Agile project management

If the Business Analyst or Project Manager gives Velocity more attention than it should be given, if he or she is more worried in counting points than listening to the team, if anything that would impact in Velocity is a taboo… then a project has a huge problem. In this scenario it gets clear that his or …

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Agile techniques in the wild

Scott Ambler gave this excellent presentation as part of Agile 2008 Conference last week, debunking a variety of assumptions, myths and a misconceptions surrounding Agile. Most discussion is based on field data gleaned from a large-sample survey distributed among the agile community intended to find out what is actually happening in the industry, not what …

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Google’s Design Principles

The Google User Experience team aims to create designs that are useful, fast, simple, engaging, innovative, universal, profitable, beautiful, trustworthy, and personable. To achieve these aspirations and achieve that ‘Googley’ experience, they suggest a balance of these principles: Focus on people – their lives, their work, their dreams. Every millisecond counts. Simplicity is powerful. Engage …

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Hello, world

Oh, Hello World – how could I delete you? Even if you are uncategorised and WordPress thinks you’re just a placeholder.