Product Consulting vs. Product Management

Answer Me This—Episode 1. Dear Jonny, answer me this: What different skill sets are needed for Product Consulting vs. Product Management, and at what stage in a career can one switch between them? I have experience doing both, I’ve been consulting for the last 5 years, but I don’t want to be a consultant forever. …

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Three things I didn’t do: 2018 in review

It’s the time when everyone is reflecting on achievements through the year and the things learned along the way. But what about the things I didn’t do, don’t know, or can’t understand yet? Let’s explore those.

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Finding the fastest path to feedback

Asking better questions and learning to facilitate simple customer interviews is one of the fastest ways to bring customer-centred design into the boardroom. Customer learning is a powerful for developing strategy, and it’s not just their wants and needs. Learning their motivation, attitudes and behaviour helps to define products and services that have a chance …

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Digital product development explained in 5 minutes

Here’s 5 minute animated walkthrough of the why, what and how of digital product development using the Double Diamond. The high-level approach is very intentional and deliberate. How it’s executed in practice is infinitely variable to suit specific needs. It’s a way of thinking, not a process!