Marketing traction is hard

A colleague asked whether I agreed with Andrew Chen’s article about it being hard to gain traction for mobile products via (ageing) marketing strategies. He asked: Do you agree with his observations? What does it mean then for new players? Here’s my response: I agree that it’s harder, but it also misses the point. The argument …

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Designing for Voice Interactions at UX Australia

I am chuffed that the organisers of UXAustralia invited me to talk at the single-track mobile conference – Designing for Mobility this year. The day was packed with really interesting talks, and I was pleased to share the stage with some terrific presenters on the day. Designing for Voice Interactions (UXAustralia) from Jonny Schneider

Talking at Quarterly Technology Briefing: ThoughtWorks Australia

I was pleased this year to present on mobile experience design, product strategy and technical approaches to mobile app development with my colleague Stewart Gleadow as part of ThoughtWorks’ Quarterly Technology Briefing in Australia this August.  Mobile: More than just an app from Jonny Schneider

Mobile adaptation strategy and approaches

You already have some conception of who your trying to reach – on which devices – and what your mobile content strategy looks like. You also know you need some kind of device adaptation to offer something compelling and desirable to  customers regardless of what device they’ve used to get to you. Now, what’s the best way to make this happen? Handling and managing visits from many device types isn’t new and there’re some proven approaches and techniques. ‘The year of the mobile’ has been on replay a few years running, and finally we’re now seeing significant volume of traffic – 25% and upward – coming from mobile devices for mainstream services. Along with this comes increased attention to the subject and some great new thinking and ideas on the how to best handle device adaptation.

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User goals, mobile limitations and existing functionality

Reading this excellent article over at UXMatters, I was pleased so much to read this Putting users’ goals first allows a design team to concentrate on the new opportunities a mobile application presents rather than seeing the challenges of mobile simply as barriers to implementing a Web application’s existing functionality. So much so that I …

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