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Understanding Design Thinking, Lean, and Agile
ThoughtWorks CXD Conference Brisbane, 2017
ThoughtWorks Live Melbourne and Sydney, 2017
Client presentations Germany, UK, Australia, 2017
ThoughtWorks Presents Berlin and Hamburg, 2017
Agile Australia Melbourne, 2017
LAST Conference Melbourne, 2017

Strategy to Execution: Shipping Products While Responding to New Information
UX Scotland
Edinburgh, May 2015
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Pragmatic Product Strategy for Engineers
Xconf Europe
Manchester, 2014. 
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Australian Financial Review
BOSS Magazine, October 2013
Designing for Mobile

UX Australia - Designing for Mobile
Designing for Voice Interactions
Sydney, 2013.
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Mobile Developer Summit
Designing for Social and Economic Contexts
Bangalore, 2013. 

Lean Agile System Thinking Conference
Innovation as Usual
Melbourne, 2013. 

Thoughtworks Quarterly Briefing
Gamification of Business
Australian Capital Cities, 2013.

Agile Australia
Enabling Innovation within the Enterprise
Sydney, 2013. 
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Quarterly Technology Briefing
More than Just an App
Australian capital cities, 2012